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Should you go to therapy after weight loss surgery?

Should you go to therapy after weight loss surgery?

Weight loss surgery comes with a lot of changes, both physically and emotionally. It can be challenging to deal with all of the emotions that come with drastic weight loss, specifically though bariatric surgery. As a wls patient, it is critical that you have a support system to help you through these changes. Therapy can be a wonderful tool to use as a part of your support system.

When you spend most of your life overweight and then you quickly start losing weight, it can take a toll on your emotions. Yes, I know that sounds a little ironic. You would think that losing all of that weight would create a level of happiness you have never felt before. It does. However, it also creates some confusing emotions. I remember I used to have a really hard time looking in the mirror and seeing a healthier version of me. I would still see the old me. It took my brain awhile to catch up.

Another struggle after weight loss surgery is emotional eating. I never realized how much I emotionally ate until after bariatric surgery. I wouldn’t be physically hungry, but I still craved food so bad. I was able to suppress it for a while, but the farther out I got the harder it got to say no. I didn’t go to therapy and I really wish I had.

Therapy can be a wonderful tool to help you on this journey. Not everyone has supportive family and friends, so finding a therapist who understands the struggles of weight loss surgery can be extremely helpful. It can be a very lonely experience if you try to do this alone. You might not realize you need it, but therapy could offer you so many insights on why you turn to food and ways you can cope with not having it the same way you used to.

Just remember that it is normal for your emotions to be all over the place. You are strong. You are resilient. You will get through this. Find someone to talk to and remember why you did this. YOU GOT THIS!


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