Liquid Diet Before Bariatric Surgery - Essential Vitamin Routine

As a bariatric patient, you will be going through many stages with what types of food you are eating. During your pre-op journey, you might be put on a liquid diet to help shrink your liver prior to surgery. Once you have the procedure, you will again be on a full-liquid diet after bariatric surgery as your stomach heals. During this period, it is especially important that you watch out for deficiencies. Since you are only consuming liquids, it can be difficult getting in all of the necessary nutrition your body needs. 

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Finding a good vitamin routine during the liquid stage is so important because it sets you up for success for your entire weight loss surgery journey. You don’t want to wait until you are deficient in something to take action. Being proactive and starting a vitamin routine prior to surgery will help keep you healthy. 

Essential Vitamin Routine Before Bariatric Surgery

It can be challenging to know where to start with vitamins. There are so many out there and we are told many different things about the types of vitamins we should be taking. As a bariatric patient, there are two main vitamins you need to look out for: vitamin B and vitamin D. These are the two biggest deficiencies you can experience. However, this doesn’t mean the other vitamins are less important. Finding a good multivitamin is a good place to start. From there, you can add additional vitamins to get an extra boost. Here is an example of a vitamin routine that will help ensure you are staying as healthy as possible. 

In the morning, take your multivitamin along with Calcium and vitamin D. Calcium and vitamin D must work together to absorb in your body appropriately. Keeping your bones healthy after surgery is necessary and by taking these vitamins you are more likely to have healthier bones, teeth and cardiovascular health. You can also take vitamin B in the morning which is extremely helpful for your energy and helps protect you from anemia. B12 Plus is a great option because it has B6, B12, Folate, and Biotin all in one. B12 can also play a role in mental clarity so taking this in the morning is a great habit.

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In the evening time, a great vitamin to take is iron and vitamin C. Iron is critical after surgery, especially for females. Iron is necessary to carry and move oxygen throughout your entire body. Taking this along with vitamin C will help your body absorb more. Iron deficiencies can happen in up to 60% of patients so it is extremely important that you are proactive with this.

This is just a sample of a vitamin routine that can be effective on your weight loss surgery journey. It is crucial that you begin this routine during your liquid phase because this is the time when you are at the greatest risk for deficiencies. Start the habit prior to surgery to make sure you are as successful as you can be after surgery. Taking your vitamins is probably the most important thing to do after surgery. It is that important! Don’t wait until you have deficiencies to take action. Start now and take ownership of your health! 

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