Your daily ritual for a successful WLS Journey 

Use code BARI30 to Save 30% on your first subscription

Your daily ritual for a successful WLS Journey

Use code BARI30 to Save 30% on your first subscription

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Bariatric Multivitamin with Iron
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Bariatric Multivitamin
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Iron + Vitamin C
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The Step Up® by BariMelts
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WLS Essential Starter Pack - 1 Month Supply
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BariMelts Immunity Bundle
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Lap Band Bundle (3-Month)
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Gastric Bypass Bundle (3-Month)
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Gastric Sleeve Bundle (3-Month)

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1. Why should you sign up for BariMelts Subscribe and Save Program?

We created this program based on the feedback from our customers. Our goal was to develop a program for our customer to have their daily vitamin(s) every month while saving on each purchase. Our program will ALWAYS offer 15% savings AND FREE SHIPPING! We will also send you an exclusive VIP ebook with valuable resources to achieve your WLS goals, such as recipes, testimonials, books, and more discounts.

2. Is there a cancellation policy?

You can cancel anytime; log into your account and make changes before the next billing date. Please email us at if you need additional help.

3. Can you skip a month(s) subscription?

4. What payment methods are available?

We accept all forms of credit card payment.

5. How many subscription orders can you select from?

All of our products are available to you, except for bundles; they are not eligible for our Subscribe & Save discount.

6. What is the shipping cost?

FREE SHIPPING, as long as you are a member 

7. How do you sign up for the BariMelts Subscribe and Save Program?

All you need to do is pick your favorite melts from our selection, toggle the Subscribe & Save (15%) option, select the schedule that works for you, and click Add To Cart.

8. What happens if your product does not arrive, appears damaged, or you receive the wrong product?

Contact our customer service team at, and we will gladly arrange for a replacement to be sent to you.

9. Can you redeem reward points for coupons to be used on your next subscription order?
10. How do I contact customer service?

Email us at or call us 305-477-1325