How To Manage My Monthly Subscription

Managing your subscription is as simple as taking your vitamins. Your order can be changed, paused, or canceled at any time without any extra fees or extra hassle.

Let's get started! First, log in to your account

1. Go To Your Barimelts Account:

Barimelts Login Page 

2. Manage Your Subscriptions

Barimelts Account with Subscription

3. Change Your Next Delivery Date

You can easily move your delivery date up or push it back anytime at no cost.

Barimelts Subscription Dashboard

In your account portal, select Delivery Schedule on the top bar to see your future dates. From there, you can either click Skip or Edit to modify your next scheduled delivery

How to Skip a Product 

After clicking Edit, click Delivery Schedule, select the schedule you would like, and press Update or Order Now to rush your order.

Order now your product

You can also change the frequency of your delivery

Change the frequency of your delivery

4. Change the quantity of your order

Change the number of bottles you receive by accessing Subscriptions > Edit.  Click Product, choose your preferred quantity, and click Update.

5. Add New Products To Your WLS Journey

See any new products you need in your vitamin regimen? Get them in your next delivery by going to Subscriptions > Edit.

Adding a product to your subscription, one time

6. Update Your Personal Information

Make changes to your contact information by selecting Shipping Addresses or Billing Information on the top bar.
There, you can edit the addresses we should ship your orders to, the email we should notify, billing information, as well as the credit card on file.

Steps to add a new address to your shipping address

How to edit your payment method

How to Apply Your Rewards Points

  1. Log in to your BariMelts account.
  2. Click on the Rewards icon with a trophy ribbon on the bottom left corner of your screen. 
  3. Click Ways to Redeem to review all the rewards and coupons available to redeem.
  4. Click Redeem on your reward of choice, then copy and apply the discount code at checkout.
  5. Log in to your subscription portal, click +Add discount, enter your code, and select Apply discount code.


Still, having trouble? You can always reach us at