Skin Issues After Weight Loss Surgery

As a bariatric patient, there are many changes that come with the surgery. One of those changes is with your skin. Yes, your skin can change after surgery. We all know about excess skin. This happens as a result of the quick weight loss. However, there are more changes that can come with your skin. 

Excess skin is the main thing surgeons stress when it comes to skin issues. Your body is losing weight so fast that your skin cannot keep up. This is one of the main fears that people have after surgery. They are worried about what their body will look like after weight loss surgery. There are some lotions out there that can help keep your skin moisturized and claim to help with stretch marks and loose skin. The more moisturized you are, the better your skin is going to look. Weight training has also worked for some individuals. More than likely though, you will have some loose skin. 

After surgery, bariatric patients can suffer from deficiencies. It can be hard on your body, especially at first since it is such a drastic change. Deficiencies should be taken seriously after bariatric surgery because they can cause several issues. Changes in your skin can be one of those issues. When your body isn’t getting enough nutrition, it can start showing signs. One of those signs is dry skin. Dehydration can also cause your skin to become dry. Redness can also occur and can be very frustrating. Here you are making all these positive changes in your like, but your skin is causing you to have a lack of confidence. If you notice your skin is getting dry or red, you might be getting dehydrated and need to take the steps to fix it. Do not ignore these signs of deficiencies and dehydration. 

There can be positive changes to your skin as well. Since you are eating healthier and cleaner, your skin could respond in a positive way. Many patients notice that their skin becomes clearer and brighter. It is amazing to see the effects food can have on your skin. By making these huge changes with your eating, your skin can clear up without any special face wash or treatment. It is a very good feeling when this happens. 

If you would like to see these positive changes in your skin, the best thing to do is stay hydrated and make sure you are staying on top of the deficiencies. If you are not on a vitamin regimen, now is the best time to start. Make sure you have biotin in your routine to help promote healthy hair, skin, and nails. If you do come across any negative affects to your skin, find a good moisturizer to help with the dryness. Some patients have very severe dry skin and it can sometimes be painful. Find a good skincare routine that can help alleviate the pain and redness. With these steps, you are more likely to get through the skin issues a lot faster. Be patient with your body as it catches up with how fast you are losing weight. Don’t let these skin issues mess with your confidence. You are beautiful!

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