Best Ways to Prevent Weight Gain Post Bariatric Surgery

While gaining back a bit of weight is common after a gastric bypass surgery, it’s most likely to happen after you reach your lowest weight. However, there are several things that will help keep you from regaining very little of that weight back if you choose to follow them.

Here are some helpful tips to successfully avoid weight gain post surgery:

Lose Weight Before Surgery

It’s important to lose as much weight as possible before getting gastric bypass surgery. Patients who are successful at keeping off at least 50% of their extra weight for more than 10 years post surgery have a much better chance at keeping the weight off for good.

Address Binge Eating Issues Prior to Surgery

Studies show that patients with BED (binge eating disorder) are prone to losing less weight post surgery. That’s why it’s critical to seek proper treatment for BED before getting bariatric surgery so the chances of weight gain after surgery are considerably less.

Closely Follow the Advice of Your Bariatric Doctor

Following the advice of your doctor sounds obvious, but surprisingly, several patients start out following doctors’ orders, but after a year or two they begin to falter. It is especially important to follow a special diet and make sure you are getting the right nutrients. Successful surgeons are experienced and trained in assisting patients in maintaining their desirable weight for the long-term.

Tackle Any Food Urges or Depression

If you’re experiencing any depression or uncontrollable food urges post surgery, immediately contact your bariatric doctor and understand that you’re not alone – it’s common to feel this way after surgery.

Address any Alcohol and Drug Abuse Issues Before Surgery

In order to prevent unwanted weight gain after surgery, it’s crucial to deal with any alcohol and drug issues since they can complicate your overall health. Be prepared that the subject of both alcohol and drugs will be presented in your psychological assessment before getting approved for surgery. Being completely honest in this area will help you in the long run.

Continue Nutritional Counseling

Patients who work with a professional regarding their diet experience better long-term results. A good bariatric doctor will refer you to an expert dietitian or nutritionist. It’s important to note that you should never stop seeing them.

Actively Participate in a Good Support Group

Patients who choose to participate in ongoing support groups experience nearly 10% less overall body mass index than those patients who choose to do it on their own.

Participating certain online forums or groups for weight loss is indeed helpful, but it can’t replace the kind of treatment that a bariatric surgery patient requires in order to maintain the benefits of the surgery over the long-term. In fact, the most successful patients understand that they need in-person or one-on-one support for the remainder of their lives.
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