Getting Attention after Weight Loss Surgery?


Weight loss surgery comes with many changes. One of the most exciting things after surgery is the fact that you start to get noticed. It can be very strange to get attention in a positive light. For many of us, we have experienced fat-shaming so being out in public can cause a great deal of anxiety. I was so stuck on this that I often felt like people were still looking at me to make fun of me. It took me a few years to get used to the positive attention.

The first time I received positive attention was when I was in London for a work trip. I was on a bus exploring the city and I got off to walk a few blocks. I had noticed the same guy staying on the bus at each stop and he was looking at me a lot. I thought he was thinking of me in a negative way and was judging what I looked like. I got off the bus and he followed me. I actually was a little concerned at first when he did this as he quickly caught up to me. He asked what I was doing in London and wanted to get my number. I remember that I assumed he was just trying to steal from me or trick me into something. I always assumed the worst. It wasn’t until that evening when I told my friend about it that I realized he was actually hitting on me. My brain had been so used to the fat-shaming that I missed an opportunity to get to know someone. 

For many of us, it can take time to look in the mirror and see the changes that are happening. We oftentimes still see ourselves in a negative light. One thing that I have learned throughout this journey is that it is important to love yourself at every stage. It might be weird to receive positive attention, but you will eventually get used to it. I remember I was actually quite mad at first because I thought it was sad that I wasn’t getting noticed before the surgery. However, I realized that I couldn’t keep thinking these negative thoughts and that I should embrace the new me. 

Remember, you are beautiful at all stages of your journey. Be proud of yourself and radiate confidence. This will attract people to you and it will feel amazing. Rock your new look and take compliments from people. You deserve to feel beautiful in your skin. However, don’t just use other people’s thoughts to control your self-worth. Live for yourself and give yourself more compliments. Loving yourself is the first step. It is such a better feeling when you look at this in a positive manner.  Don’t just assume people are making fun of you. You have come a long way and it should make you happy when you start to get noticed. Life is too short to live in a stage of denial. Have fun and show your confidence!

What has been your experience with this? Have you gotten noticed more after bariatric surgery? Let us know in the comments. 


  • Kevin O'Neill

    When I get compliments about howI look now. I thank them for stopping and talking to me on how I’m doing.its nice to have that positive interaction with people. The ones I know well I give them a big hug.

  • Shawna Nesmith

    Since my surgery I have gotten more attention it’s nice when u get a compliment but u dont know how to respond when it’s been so long since u got noticed.

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