About Us

Our mission is to support Bariatric patients in “fearlessly living their best lives.”  Our products taste great and are gentle on the stomach help make sticking to a vitamin regimen after WLS easy.  

We also create great content aimed at supporting you in facing head-on the challenges of a weight-loss journey – not because we have to, but because we care.  Meet Your BariMelts Team!

Dr. Jose Rocca, PhD

Founder & CEO

“Bariatric patients should have access to the world’s finest ingredients – delivered in a form that perfectly fits their unique lifestyle.  We created BariMelts to bring the very best technology and most premium ingredients just to them.”

Jorge Rodriguez

Product Quality

"We make our products at our own FDA-inspected, GMP-certified facility here in the United States. I consider it a privilege to ensure that the products BariMelts brings to the Bariatric community are manufactured with the highest standards of quality and compliance."

Tim Berthold

Patient Outreach
“I love interacting with inspiring WLS patients who are putting in the hard work every day to live their best lives.  I'm honored that BariMelts can be part of their journey.”


Alex Wagner

Product Creation
“Making our products both nutritionally dense and as enjoyable as possible is my mission. BariMelts are built to be the most healthy and best tasting products available for the bariatric community.

Laura Vazquez

Community Engagement
“I truly enjoy putting together great content to share with our customers and followers.  Being involved in the Bariatric community is exciting because I get to see people making progress toward their health goals.”