5 Things to Keep in Mind Before WLS

1. Support Groups

Hand in hand bariatric support group

Before and after weight-loss surgery is very important to have a support system that can guide you through your journey. By attending these in-person support groups, you will gain new insights from other fellow patients that will help you succeed in the long term. Ask your local bariatric center or surgeon if they host pre-op support groups you could attend.


 2. Why food?

Healthy food plate

It is crucial for you to understand and eliminate habits that may cause weight gain after surgery. Eating just to eat can be a hard habit to break especially if it's correlated to head hunger. However, you can start tackling this "bad habit" by creating a healthy food environment before surgery. Make sure to always have healthy snacks around you and make sure to eat without any distractions!


3. H2O

Water glass, get into the habit of drinking water

Drinking water is one of the most important things you need to accomplish after WLS, however, it'll be one of the hardest. Many patients have a difficult time drinking water post surgery which can lead to dehydration and at times back to the hospital. Since this is something that no one wants, it's important you get into the habit of drinking water on a regular basis before surgery. 


4. Get Clearance 

Make sure you plan ahead and have all the necessary preliminary tests, screening, and obtain any necessary clearances. It's important you get all of this ready so you can fully focus on your pre-op journey and getting mentality ready for your surgery.


5. Pictures

Girl weight loss transformation before and after

Motivation is key during your post-surgery journey, so taking pictures will help you see your progress and keep you on track! Pics will also lift you up whenever you feel down and need that extra push to go to the gym or to make healthy decisions.