5 Foods to Avoid after Bariatric Surgery


Nutrition is everything after weight loss surgery! Knowing what types of foods you should avoid is key in ensuring you have a successful weight loss journey. You can’t expect to lose weight if you don’t make healthy changes. You’ll also learn that there are some foods you just will not be able to tolerate after bariatric surgery. 

Here are some foods you should stay away from after weight loss surgery: 

1. Sugar. This is painful, I know. Sugar is heaven, but it is also a demon. Studies have shown how detrimental sugar is to our bodies, and as bariatric patients, it's even worse. Sugar not only will cause you to gain weight, but it will make you feel terrible. Dumping syndrome is one of the biggest side effects after weight loss surgery. As a bariatric patient, if you consume too much sugar you will experience dumping syndrome and feel terrible. It can cause your heart to race, diarrhea, vomiting, sweats, etc. Avoid sugar like the plague after bariatric surgery!

glazed doughnut have too much sugar

2. Popcorn. Any type of snack food like this is a “slider food.” This means that you won’t have many restrictions on these foods and you’ll be able to eat a lot of it. Do not put these foods back in your diet because you won’t have control over the amount you can eat and it will cause regain.

3. Fried foods. You got to the weight you did because you ate the wrong things. Don’t do it again. 

4. Tough meats. You might find it difficult to eat tough meats like steak, especially if you have the lap band. Take small bites and make sure you chew your food very well.

5. Soda. Say goodbye to soda because there are countless reasons you shouldn’t be drinking it after your weight loss surgery. The sugar count in soda is bad enough, but don’t think you are in the clear with a diet beverage. The carbonation does not mix well with bariatric surgery. There are different opinions on whether or not it stretches your stomach out, but one thing for sure is it is not comfortable to drink after surgery.

Use this opportunity to start fresh with your nutrition. You are getting your life back. Embrace it and choose healthy foods that fuel your body! YOU GOT THIS!

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