Home / 4 Lifestyle Habits You Need to Implement Before Weight Loss Surgery


1. Drink 8 cups of liquid every day, preferably water

Not all of this liquid has to be water, but avoid high-calorie drinks, those that contain a lot of sugar and carbonated beverages. Try not to drink while you are eating. After surgery, liquid in your stomach may make you feel full even if you haven’t taken in enough food. Liquids consumed alongside food also contribute to dumping syndrome, which is even less pleasant than it sounds.

 2. Eat more foods rich in protein like eggs, chicken, and fish

Try eating several small meals throughout the day rather than two or three larger meals. You will need to eat this way after surgery as your stomach will hold only about one cup of food at a time. There are plenty of diet options out there for Bariatric patients, or you can check out a few weight loss recipes online and create your meals at home!

3. Exercise 30 to 45 minutes a day

If this is too much for you, simply start by going as long as you can – some exercise is better than no exercise. You can add time to your workout as your stamina builds. Participate in cardio or aerobic exercises three to five times during the week. Work on strength training the other days as this will build muscle and helps maintain weight loss.

4. Take vitamins and mineral supplements

Your stomach will be smaller after your surgery and able to hold less food. As a result, you may not absorb enough vitamins and minerals during the digestive process. To combat this, take a multivitamin that contains iron, folic acid, copper, zinc, and selenium every day. Supplement your intake of calcium, vitamin D and vitamin B12 as well.