What to Pack For Your Weight Loss Surgery Hospital Stay

It’s surgery day! Are you ready? Even though the hospital will have many items for you, there are certain things you might want to bring for your weight loss surgery. Here are a few items you should make sure you have in your hospital bag!

  1. Loose-fitting clothes. Trust me, you want to be in loose clothes! Your incisions will be sore and it will be extremely uncomfortable if you are wearing tight clothing. You might stay in the hospital gown the entire time you are there, but make sure you have loose-fitting clothes when you are ready to go home. 
  2. Comfortable shoes. Walking is one of the most important things you need to make sure you are doing after surgery. You don’t want to be walking around in socks or slippers. Bring some good walking shoes to help you get up and get moving. 
  3. Pillow. When you are in the hospital, it can be uncomfortable to sleep so some people prefer to bring their own pillow. Another reason to have an extra pillow is to help with the pain from the surgery. One thing that is really uncomfortable is coughing after surgery. When you cough, put the pillow against your abdomen and it will help not make it so painful. 
  4. Chapstick. For some reason, surgery tends to give people dry lips. Chapstick is one thing to make sure you have in your bag, along with other toiletries that you would like to bring with you. Remember, the hospital will have many of these items for you, but it might be beneficial to bring them just in case. 
  5. Entertainment. While you are healing, you are going to be bored. Bring your phone, books, magazines, movies and any other item that will help keep you busy. You will hopefully have people that visit you, but in the moments when you are alone, it might get a little boring so be prepared with these items. 

These are five of the items that will be beneficial for you to have in your hospital bag when you are on your way to having weight loss surgery. Pack light and don’t stress about what you need to have with you. More than likely they will be able to help you with it or you can always have a friend or family member retrieve the item for you. Try not to stress about it and focus on the surgery itself. You will be anxious enough about having surgery so there is no reason to add additional stress. Sit back, relax and get ready for your new life! 

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