Taste Changes after Weight Loss Surgery

One of the strangest things that can happen after weight loss surgery is when your taste changes. I was expecting to be more sensitive to food, but I never thought that I would experience changes in my taste.

I used to be the type of person that could eat pure sugar. Yes, I mean that. I would literally dump a bottle of sprinkles in my mouth. I could eat so much sugar and be in heaven. Now, the thought of something that sugary makes me sick. I used to go for the very sweet flavors, now I go for things more fruity. I am more sensitive to sweets than I ever imagined.


It is amazing what our hormones can do. With bariatric surgery, our bodies are completely different. Hormones in our gut play a role in why our taste preference is different post-op weight loss surgery due to how they communicate with our central nervous system. These hormones contribute to taste, smell, gratification and other sensory perceptions.

Studies have shown that we aren’t crazy! Neatly ¾ of bariatric patients said they developed a dislike for certain foods. Meat I one of the biggest changes for people. Interestingly enough, studies show that bariatric patients with a newly distaste for certain foods lost an average of nearly 18 pounds more after weight loss surgery than those whose taste was not affected. So, if you are complaining about your taste changing, don’t!

It might be frustrating that your once favorite dessert now sounds disgusting, but use this as an advantage because more than likely the taste aversion is to something that you shouldn’t have in your diet anyway.



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