Surviving Cookouts After Weight Loss Surgery

It’s summertime! This means there are events going on all the time. It is such a fun time of the year because this is when vacations happen and people are around the ones they love. One of the most common events in the summer are cookouts. This is a time when family and friends gather and eat delicious food. As a bariatric patient though, it can be difficult. 

Being around food is extremely hard, especially if you are at the beginning of your journey. It can be challenging to go to cookouts and other events when you know there will be food there. You might think that the only way you can enjoy these events is if you eat the food. That is incorrect and a very distorted way to think. Just because there is food at these events, does not mean you cannot enjoy your time. 

It is important to be prepared when you go to cookouts. It might be one of the first times you are around food after the surgery, so you need to know what to expect. It takes a lot of willpower to say no to food, especially if you are a food addict like many of us are. There are steps you can take to make sure you do not slip at cookouts. 

One of the best things you can do is bring your own food to these events. More than likely there will be hotdogs and hamburgers being grilled. You can bring a chicken breast and vegetables to grill for yourself. You might feel awkward about this, but it is so important that you stay disciplined. Another thing you can do is eat the hamburger without the bun. It is critical that you stay mindful and honest with yourself. Don’t try to tell yourself that you can get away with eating a bunch of junk. Take a look at all of the food that is there and do an assessment to see which foods are acceptable for you to eat. Don’t just starve yourself at these events, because you will get frustrated and might even cave. 


Life is too short to be fearful of events because there is food there. Take the steps to prepare yourself ahead of time and you will be a lot more successful. Take food out of the equation and remember the reason for the event. You are around your friends and family, so enjoy time with them. I know it can be difficult to get food out of your head, but try your best to focus on the positives. Bring games to play and interact with everyone. If you keep yourself occupied, you will not think about the food as much. 

Remember, you are on a weight loss surgery journey. There are times when you have to have a lot of self-control to be successful. Don’t forget why you had this surgery. Take the time to get your mind right before going to an event. It will be hard, but you will eventually get used to your new way of life. Food cannot control your happiness. You are strong so keep fighting for yourself and your health!

What are your tips and tricks for surviving cookouts and other summer events after weight loss surgery?!

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