Should you buy a smaller size?

After bariatric surgery, we tend to tell ourselves that we cannot wait until we are a certain size or a certain weight. We use it as a goal to get to and although I think it is healthy to have goals, it can sometimes be discouraging to only live by that way. For many years, I was in the habit where I would only buy clothes too small because I wanted to have a goal to fit into them. As motivating as this could be at times, I never felt like I could just be me. I was always trying to squeeze into a size too small and it caused me a lot of anxiety. I thought I was helping myself by giving myself a goal to fit into smaller size clothes, but instead I was creating a huge problem.

I used to tell myself that I would be able to wear shorts one day. It would be 100 degrees outside and I would be stuck wearing pants in the miserable heat because of my foolish mindset. My insecurities got the best of me and I always told myself it would happen one day, just not today. I hate that I have spent so much of my life waiting for that day to come. The truth is, I might not ever hit some of my goals and I think that is hard to admit sometimes. I am finally at a point in my life where I am tired of buying clothes that are too small in hopes that I will fit into them sooner than later. 

I have recently started to buy for my size that I am in right now and it has helped my confidence so much. I get so excited when I get new outfits and I am dressing for my body type now instead of trying to find something that makes me look the thinnest possible. I am just trying to enjoy my body where it is at right now instead of forcing it to be something it is not. So, if you are on a weight loss surgery journey, I highly encourage you to adjust your mindset. Do not just focus on what is next. Focus in on the now and enjoy your body type at all stages of the journey. I know it can feel frustrating always having to buy new clothes because you go through them so fast, but it is critical that you feel confident in your body right now. Do not buy a size too small if you are always going to be self-conscious about it. 

Being on a weight loss surgery journey is challenging, but exciting at the same time. I encourage you to enjoy every step of the way and be proud of where you are at right now. Don’t put off buying those shorts! Embrace your curves. Wear what you want to wear right now and love your body for where it is at in its current stage. You are beautiful no matter where you are at in your journey. Never forget that!


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