Pregnancy Cravings after WLS

Cravings after weight loss surgery are hard! Do you know what can be even harder? Cravings after weight loss surgery while you are pregnant! I am currently 7 months pregnant with my second child and have experienced all sorts of cravings. It can be tricky learning how to balance this after weight loss surgery since we have to pay such close attention to the things we are eating. After the procedure, we must ensure we are not getting deficient in key vitamins. It is even a bigger deal when you are pregnant after weight loss surgery because you must make sure you are staying healthy for both you and your baby. As with any pregnancy though, it can sometimes be challenging to find foods that you want to eat. You might be more inclined to lean towards unhealthier foods, but it is critical that you stay balanced throughout your pregnancy. 

During my first trimester, I was sick like crazy. This made it really challenging for me because I can already only eat a limited amount of food after weight loss surgery, but when you add in nausea, it creates more problems. It got to a point where we had to try anything just to give me some calories. You have to be careful with this though. With my first pregnancy, I was so sick that I decided to drink a little soda to calm my stomach. This was the start of unhealthy eating patterns and I wish I would have never done that. I am trying to remember that feeling with this pregnancy because I want to make sure I am not reintroducing foods into my diet and giving myself the excuse that it is because I am pregnant. 

I am a huge believer that balance is key after weight loss surgery. This is a new lifestyle, not a diet. You should not necessarily deprive yourself, but you should try to find healthier alternatives. I have found that when I completely deprive myself, it backfires and I go the complete opposite way. This is something I have found even more so while being pregnant. It was especially true for me during the months that I was really struggling with nausea. I had to make sure I was not introducing the wrong types of foods, while also making sure I was getting some calories in. For a while, a lot of things made me sick so it took a few months for me to get a good routine down. Now that I am farther along in my pregnancy, I am starting to have more cravings. The good news is for the most part I am craving fruit and nothing completely unhealthy. However, there are times that I will want something random. I have tried my best to find the healthiest ways to eat my cravings. For example, if I am craving ice cream, I will try to go after low sugar yogurt and add fruits and nuts to it to give me some extra nutrition. 

The key thing to remember during pregnancy after weight loss surgery is that you have to do everything you can to fuel your body. It is so hard in the early months, especially if you are struggling with sickness. Be patient with yourself and give your body time to adjust. Get creative with the foods you are eating and try your best to remember the protein first rule even through pregnancy. I found that smoothies were really helpful for me in the early months because they did not make me sick. If you are craving certain foods, listen to your body because it might be trying to tell you that you are getting deficient in something. Try your best to get creative with your cravings to ensure you are getting the best nutrition. Keep yourself accountable during this time and do not let pregnancy be the excuse to put soda back into your diet or other toxic foods. Remember that you must put in the work, even during pregnancy after weight loss surgery. You got this, momma!

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