Plastic Surgery After Bariatric Surgery: How to Prepare

3 Months Before (minimum)

  • Schedule an in-person consultation with the surgeon (yes, travel if you must). Meeting the surgeon you are booking with will put your mind at ease about the upcoming surgery.
  • If you can’t meet with the surgeon in person because it’s not an option, ask your sales consultant all questions you may have. Do not stay with doubts as this will mess with your mental health.
  • Start buying supplies for your recovery. For my list of plastic surgery favorites go here: 

2 Months Before

  • Start taking your supplements. Your hemoglobin must be at minimum 11 pts for a healthy surgery. Here are the supplements my surgeon recommends: 
  • Buy more post care supplies.
  • Book your after care stay (if you’re traveling for plastics).

1 Month Before

  • Schedule your pre-op appointments. Depending on your state/surgeon, you will need the following: Labs, Chest X-Ray, EKG, and a medical clearance from your primary care physician. Note* Labs and other tests are only valid for 30 days before the date of your procedure, it’s best to try to schedule all pre-op appointments around 3 or 2 weeks before surgery. 

Day of Surgery

  • Arrive early!
  • Bring a robe that opens in front – Easy to go home afterwards.
  • Bring slide type sandals. 
  • You MUST have a companion who is responsible to sign for you after surgery. You CANNOT drive yourself after surgery as you will be still under anesthesia. You CANNOT be picked up by an Uber or a taxi either as this person is NOT going to be responsible for you. Most plastic surgeries are outpatient procedures. This means you go home the same day.
  • Your companion can also help by picking up pain prescription from the pharmacy for you. 
  • Lastly, follow the instructions from the surgical coordinator and your surgeon.

I really hope this was helpful for you. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me via social media. 

See you soon.




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