Must Haves After WLS

Life after weight loss surgery is quite the adventure. You will be making so many positive changes and over time you will start to feel like it is your new normal. It takes times to get used to eating healthier and introducing new healthy habits into your life, but it is critical that you stay consistent with your journey. After about 3 months post-op, things start to settle down and you really start to embrace your new lifestyle. Things that seemed impossible at first become so much easier through time. For me personally, I felt that things really started to click for me around 3 months post-op and I think a big part of that was because I had found different tools to help me on my journey. So, I would like to share some of those things that helped me as I settled into my new life around this time.

After a few months on my journey, I remember I was really into protein shakes and smoothies. I was struggling with getting enough nutrients in my diet and I found that smoothies really helped me reach my goals. I invested in a NutriBullet and it changed my life. Since it is so much easier to drink than eat after bariatric surgery, smoothies allowed for me to take more in and ensured I was getting enough protein and other nutrition. I highly encourage you to invest in a good blender because it is so helpful to have in the beginning stages after surgery when you are still on liquids and puree foods, but you can continue to use it for smoothies and shakes throughout your journey. 

Another must have on this journey is a reliable scale. When you get to around 3 months post-op, you will really start noticing your weight dropping fast. It is so important that you have a scale you can rely on that is not going to change moment to moment. One of the most frustrating things when you are on a weight loss journey is when you step on the scale and it says one thing and then step right back on it and it gives you a new number. Take the time to do your research and find a scale that works for you. I recommend finding one that connects with your phone because it is a really neat way to track your weight loss when you can see fancy graphs with your BMI, water weight, etc. It is really important that you keep yourself accountable with your weight loss around the 3-month mark because you will not be going to your surgeon visits as often. This is the time to truly take ownership. 

Around this time, you might also start noticing some vitamin deficiencies. Unfortunately, the 3-month mark is where you will more than likely start noticing things such as hair loss. Remember, this is normal and part of the process. It will get better over time, but your body needs a moment to adjust to your new way of living. During this time, it is absolutely critical that you are on a good vitamin regimen. Vitamins should be one of your main focus areas after surgery because deficiencies can be extremely dangerous to bariatric patients. You need to make sure you are getting key vitamins such as Vitamin D and B, Calcium, Biotin, and Iron. BariMelts’ Multivitamin with Iron is the multivitamin I have been using after my revision surgery and I am so happy with my health because of it. As someone who has gone through both gastric sleeve and gastric bypass, trust me when I say you do NOT want to play with vitamin deficiencies. 

Bariatric surgery is not always an easy journey, but the good news is it truly does get easier over time the more consistent you are on your journey. Take the time and energy to focus on the tools that you need for your new lifestyle because you are worth it. You took the time to have this surgery, so make it count. Remember, as the months go on, you will start settling into your new way. It might seem so difficult at first, but eventually you will look back and be so proud of how far you have come. Keep fighting!

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