Importance of Non-Scale Victories After Bariatric Surgery

Weight loss happens fast after bariatric surgery and there is a rush that you get when you step on the scale every day. It is an amazing feeling seeing the pounds drop off of you. Bariatric surgery is lifechanging and it is not just because of the pounds that are lost, but also for the things that are gained after surgery. 

There is so much to celebrate after weight loss surgery and sometimes things can be missed because we are so focused on the scale. Non-scale victories are just as important as the pounds lost on the scale. There are times that for some reason the scale just doesn’t move. You must be in a good mental spot to recognize that the numbers aren’t everything. The scale is a good measurement for weight loss, but it doesn’t need to be the only thing you are using to judge your success. 

There are a number of things out there to consider when celebrating your journey. Some people pay a lot of attention to sizes and the way their clothes fit. Measurements are huge on a weight loss surgery journey. Sometimes you will plateau with the scale and need other things to celebrate. Measurements are another way to physically see the success you are having. In addition to measurements, pictures can really help. Taking pictures throughout your entire journey will help you on the days that you feel defeated by the scale. Seeing your progress in photos will definitely lift your spirit. 

Other non-scale victories include fitting into airplane seats or other smaller chairs. For me personally, I used to always feel panicky sitting in a chair at a restaurant. I was terrified it was going to collapse. A huge non-scale victory for me was feeling confident enough that I would not break a chair. Rollercoasters are also a hot topic for non-scale victories. Getting off medication, crossing your legs, having someone pick you up in their arms, trying something new for the first time, and learning how to love yourself again are the most amazing non-scale victories out there. It is so important to recognize these accomplishments. Your success is not based solely on how many pounds you have lost. You have come so far and should be proud of every single non-scale victory you have achieved. What are YOUR non-scale victories?

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