How To Get Through Halloween After Weight Loss Surgery

The holidays are coming! First up is Halloween. There is going to be candy everywhere you look. So, how do you get through this as a bariatric patient? The first thing to remember is that it is in your control. You can make excuses all day long, or you can keep yourself accountable. Do not keep candy in your house until the day of Halloween when you are going to hand it out to trick-or-treaters. Many people buy huge bags of candy a month before Halloween, and then it is stuck in the house. This makes it extremely tempting and often times people eat the whole bag before they even make it to Halloween. 

Another thing you can do to prevent the urge of binging on candy, is to buy candy that you do not like. Having your favorite candy in the house is dangerous and can lead to significant weight gain. Balance is great to have, but for many of us, candy is a trigger and should be avoided. Make the decision that is best for you and do not let the temptation get to you. It is important that you remember how far you have come. 

Introducing candy is not a good decision. That one Snickers bar could turn into 10. You will feel terrible after you eat it and more than likely get dumping syndrome. If you have never had dumping syndrome, you do not want it to start now. Dumping syndrome can happen when you eat too much sugar. Eating a large amount of candy would more than likely cause it to happen. It is definitely easier said than done when trying to avoid candy, especially when it is all on sale. 

Find a way to treat yourself another way. Make yourself a tasty, healthy dinner. Find something sugar free that you enjoy eating. Do your best to choose healthy snacks to keep you satisfied. Before you go to the store to buy Halloween candy, eat a meal. It is a terrible idea to go to the store hungry. Again, choose options that you would not normally eat and do not get a huge bag. Remember, you are on the path towards a healthier you. Candy is not a part of that new, healthy lifestyle. Do not lose your focus just because we are approaching the holiday season. You got this!

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