I Think Therefore I Feel – How Proper Nutrition Can Re-Wire Your Brain

The human brain is an intricate organ that must perform millions of processes each day in order to maintain proper function of the body. Numerous studies have found that the brain has the ability to heal and re-wire itself in ways that are remarkable.

The foods we consume have a direct effect on this process. This knowledge can help everyone to amend their cognitive ability, moods and overall health by eating the right foods.


Brain Wiring

The brain contains millions of nerves that function like an electrical system carrying signals that control breathing, thinking, movement, body temperature and many other processes. These nerves are all connected into a complex system of pathways that carry messages continually through the brain. Like every other part of the body, the brain and nervous system is fed by oxygen and nutrients in the bloodstream. When these systems are well nourished, they function at optimum efficiency. When the oxygen and nutrients are not available in the proper amounts, areas of the brain begin to fail. Scientists are only now beginning to understand how important nutrition is to brain function.


Nutrition for Optimum Function

Researchers have found that rats fed an antioxidant-rich diet perform better on tests than those without these important components. Even when the these animals have plaque structures in their brains, similar to those found in patients who had Alzheimer’s, they benefited from a diet rich in antioxidants. They conclude that antioxidant compounds help to protect brain function and are associated with the increased ability to re-wire even when structures have been damaged by disease.


The Role of Antioxidants

Foods that contain antioxidants play a special role in keeping people healthy. They counteract the free radicals that develop in the body that cause inflammation of cell tissue that can lead to disease states. Many different types of food contain antioxidants, such as blueberries; red, blue and purple grapes; raspberries, strawberries; dark green vegetables; orange vegetables, whole grains; beans; fish and nuts. Eating these foods regularly can help to minimize cell damage and encourage brain re-wiring to help keep you feeling good and functioning at your best.

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