Here's What Happens To Your Body After Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery, also called weight loss surgery (WLS), helps patients to lose weight by reducing the stomach and, consequently, reducing the intake of food. For people who have spent years living with morbid obesity, self-esteem and other health problems bariatric surgery sounds like a lifesaver. But many people forget that bariatric surgery is MAJOR surgery performed while you’re under general anesthesia. Complications can occur and the way your body looks and feels will not be the same again.

Although surgery complications are usually a person’s biggest fear, a lot of potential patients are also concerned about changing their body. The big changes that come with getting Bariatric surgery mean facing a few post-surgery issues we may not like. It is good to know what negative things can occur with your body after surgery so you can be more prepared to deal with them.

Here's what happens to your body after bariatric surgery:

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