Getting Through A Stall

There are ups and downs when you are on a weight loss surgery journey. For the most part, it is an exciting new chapter in your life. It is so rewarding seeing the scale drop and feeling your clothes get looser. However, there are some frustrating parts of weight loss surgery. One of those frustrating things is when you hit a stall on your journey. Yes, the dreaded stall. More than likely you will hit one at some point in your journey. It can be really challenging getting out of a stall. What works for one person might not work for another. If you are experiencing a stall, here are a few things that might help you get back on track.

  1. Change it up! If you have been eating the same thing every day, try changing up your diet. Perhaps you aren’t getting enough protein or water. If you are consistently eating the same thing and you aren’t seeing the scale move, you might be eating too many (or too few) calories. Try eating new foods and incorporate healthy items as much as you can. For some people, carbs might be the issue and for others, fat might be the issue. Experiment with new foods and see if this puts you into overdrive. 
  2. Keep track! Journaling is so important on a weight loss surgery journey. Tracking your food and water intake can help you stay on track. You might not even realize that you are eating too much (or too little) until you see it on paper. Start journaling and pay attention to the scale for a few days to notice if there are certain things you should avoid. 
  3. Exercise! If you have not incorporated this into your journey already, now is a good time to do so. Exercise is wonderful for you, no matter where you are on your journey. As long as you are cleared by your surgeon, working out is a wonderful tool. Often times people see the scale move instantly the first few days after working out. 
  4. Drink more water! You could be holding onto water weight if you aren’t losing. The best thing to do is to drink more water. The more hydrated you are, the healthier your body is. Make sure you get your water goals in no matter what. 
  5. Be patient. It can be very frustrating to experience a stall, but the best thing you can do is to be patient. Yes, this is difficult, but it is necessary sometimes when you are on a weight loss surgery journey. 

Remember, stalls are normal. Your body is losing at an extremely fast rate. Give your body time to catch up and be patient with the process. Don’t let it get to you to the point that you start putting unhealthy habits back into your life. If you would like, step away from the scale for a few days or few weeks. Trust the process and remember that this is just part of the journey. You got this!

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