Getting Back Your Confidence After WLS

After weight loss surgery, you are going to go through so many changes both physically and emotionally. It can be really hard to keep up with those changes because you will more than likely be losing weight extremely fast. For some people, it is really easy to gain confidence after bariatric surgery and it just happens naturally. However, there are some people that really struggle to recognize the changes that have come with their new healthy lifestyle. You lose weight so quickly after weight loss surgery that your brain cannot recognize the positive changes with your body that fast. You might still look in the mirror and see the same person that you saw prior to the procedure. It can take time to gain confidence and feel good in your own skin. 

One of the most helpful things for me after surgery was finding people who gave me energy and helped me see the positive side of life. I found a few people that spread awareness about body positivity and it helped me gain my confidence after surgery. It took me years to feel comfortable in my own skin, but it was because I saw so many empowering women online that helped me see that my size does not define my worth. Lizzo was probably one of the biggest inspirations to me, as she has been to many other women. Ashley Graham has also always been a positive influence to me and I love the message that she sends to her followers. Sierra Schultzzie is one of my favorite YouTubers and she has so much amazing content about body positivity and learning to love yourself. She helped me through some really dark times on my journey, so if you have never watched any of her content, I highly recommend that you check her out.

Lately, I have really been enjoying TikTok videos on confidence and body image. Again, there are so many empowering people out there that spread positivity and love across the platform. I always feel so encouraged when I see confident women showing how important it is to love yourself. It can be really hard to put yourself out there on the internet, so I always feel so inspired when I see people sharing their story. Will Smith is another one of my favorite people to follow on Instagram because he puts out the most inspirational content that always pumps me up. There are also so many amazing people out there on Instagram that share their weight loss surgery journey. Mariah Losing is one of my favorites as well as KickinitwithLauren. I would encourage you to find people that motivate you online because it is extremely helpful when you need a quick pep talk to get you back on track. They also provide great tips and share things that have helped them on their journey, which is really helpful. 

As you are working on building your confidence after weight loss surgery, it is important to be patient with yourself. This is a crazy journey and it happens really fast. Your brain needs time to catch up. It can be easy to focus on the negatives after surgery, but I encourage you to reflect every single day on the things you are proud of. This will help build you up and make you realize how far you have come. Surround yourself with people who will be your biggest cheerleaders because you need all the support you can get after bariatric surgery. On those days that you might feel awful about yourself, you need the type of friends that will tell you how great you look in your new pair of jeans. There are so many wonderful resources out there to help you on this journey so make sure you utilize them to help motivate you and keep you on track, whether it is books, podcasts, YouTube videos or TikTok. You got this! 

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