Finding Support Through WLS Events

As a bariatric patient, it is critical to find support from others as you are going through the process of weight loss surgery. Finding support groups can be very beneficial as you are able to meet fellow weight-loss surgery patients. It provides a sense of community and enables you to ask questions, share successes and get to know other people going through similar situations. This is one of the beautiful parts of weight-loss surgery is the connections you build with other people.

Another way you can meet fellow bariatric patients is through weight-loss surgery events. The bariatric community has so many events throughout the year and they are such a positive experience for patients. Whether you are just starting out your journey or a veteran of 15 years, it is an amazing experience to be at a weight loss surgery event. There are vendors, doctors, speakers, and so much more at these events. If you are considering surgery and have questions about what is to come, these events are perfect because you get to see people at all different stages in the journey. There are also surgeons there that can answer questions and make you feel more comfortable about your decision. The speakers usually consist of experts in the field as well as patients who are on a weight loss surgery journey. It is extremely helpful to hear other people’s stories and get inspired by their success.

In addition, bariatric vendors are present at these events, which gives people the opportunity to learn about new brands. There are so many amazing products for bariatric patients and these events give you a chance to try them out to see what will work best for you on your surgery journey. Some of my favorite products are ones that I found at weight loss surgery conferences. It is a great way to try things out before fully committing to them.

Above all else, the most powerful thing from these events are the friendships that are formed. Most of the events have breakout sessions and formal nights where there is a lot of interaction between patients. Due to this, you can connect with other people who are on a similar journey as you. I met some of my best friends at weight-loss surgery conventions and now we stay in contact daily. Finding people with a similar lifestyle can help you tremendously on your weight loss surgery journey.

Weight-loss surgery conferences are extremely beneficial for patients. No matter where you are on your journey, you can get something out of it. Whether it is listening to a patient tell his/her story, asking questions to a plastic surgeon, or trying new vitamins and other products, these conventions are an asset to the bariatric community and I would highly recommend that all patients attend at least one in their lifetime.

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