Drinking Enough Water After Bariatric Surgery by BariMelts Vitamins

Did you know that your body is composed of about 60% water? That’s a lot of water! Drinking water helps regulate your body fluids and plays a huge role in your digestion, absorption, circulation, creation of saliva, transportation of nutrients, and maintenance of body temperature. It is crucial that you stay hydrated after bariatric surgery to ensure you keep your body healthy. Dehydration is very serious and can cause long-term damage to your body. As bariatric patients, it is even more important for you to get enough water. We are already struggling with nutrition deficiencies so we don’t need to add dehydration in the mix. Drinking enough water allows for your body to absorb nutrients better so it is important that you stay hydrated and give your body the best chance to absorb as much nutrition as possible.

Getting enough water can be extremely powerful when it comes to your success after surgery. One of the most annoying things after bariatric surgery is the hair loss and dry skin we can experience. When you drink a lot of water, it helps your skin look better. Skin is the largest organ in the body and when you drink the appropriate amount of water, your skin looks fresher and hydrated. It can also be a really great appetite suppressant. If you are hungry and it is not time to eat, try drinking water. A lot of times you aren’t actually hungry, you are just thirsty and don’t realize it.

Another helpful thing about water is that it helps energize your muscles. So, if you are starting a new workout routine it is so important that you take the time to get enough fluids in. Muscle fatigue can happen if your muscles are not getting the appropriate amount of hydration. Lastly, water is super important when it comes to your digestion health. As a weight loss surgery patient, you might have stomach and digestion issues. Water can help keep you balanced and lessen your chance of constipation.

Make sure you keep water with you at all times! Add lemon if you need a flavor but make you’re your drink of choice. Remember that you shouldn’t eat and drink at the same time. Drink water throughout the day but make sure you wait 30 minutes before eating after you drink. Carry a cute water bottle or set a timer if you need a reminder but get your fluids in! Dehydration sucks and you don’t need another stress in your life.

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