3 Reasons Why Bariatric Support Groups are Necessary

Prior to bariatric surgery, there are many questions about the procedure itself and the days leading up to the procedure. While doctors and dietitians may have tried to prepare you for the days, weeks and months after surgery, it probably was not a priority.

The patient knows he or she will have to exercise and eat healthy meals, but the reality can be scary and confusing. Surrounding yourself with people who have been in the same situation and offer their support will be extremely beneficial to your success!


The Support Itself

In support groups, there are people at every stage of the journey from pre-surgery patients to those who have been maintaining their weight loss for years. It’s great to know you’re not alone, and that someone understands the daily problems and battles. Family and friends might be supportive, but unless they’ve had the surgery, they can’t know exactly what you’re going through on a daily basis. The support group offers an understanding shoulder, and can answer many questions that a person may have on their journey of weight loss.


Milestones and Celebrations

Each weight loss hurdle is a reason to celebrate and having people to celebrate with makes your achievement feel that much grander. Support groups help each other shine, motivate, and inspire.



When so many people are genuinely cheering for your success, it makes you feel as if you’re not alone. Being alone when you’re struggling with a long, hard road can be depressing and might influence your weight loss. A group of people who are concerned about your welfare and as delighted as you are by your successes will make it easier to remain dedicated, especially during particularly trying days or weeks.

The support group after surgery is one of the most important parts of the weight loss journey. You’ll be energized by the support of people who understand, and you can share in their triumphs too.

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