10 Non-Scale Victories After Weight Loss Surgery

There are so many positive things to look forward to after weight loss surgery. The scale drops fast, your clothes start falling off, and you overall feel healthier. These are all exciting victories to look forward to after bariatric surgery. In addition, there are other non-scale victories to look forward to as well. Here are some of those that you can look forward to after surgery.

Fitting into an airplane seat

For me personally, this was the biggest non-scale victory. At the time of my surgery, I traveled a lot for work. One of my biggest anxieties was the airplane seat. I panicked every time I had to fly somewhere. I would look up the measurements of the seat on the airline’s website and then measure myself in another chair at home to make sure I would be able to fit. I also worried about using a seatbelt extender because I was embarrassed when I had to ask for one. It is such an amazing feeling sitting down in an airplane seat and fitting comfortably. 


A lot of people forget to take measurements during their weight loss surgery journey. This is one of the most important non-scale victories because it shows you are dropping sizes, even if you aren’t losing on the scale. If you are just starting out, make sure you take your measurements and take them every month so you can see your progress.

Clothes get loser

Where are your skinny jeans? You might need them sooner than later. After bariatric surgery, your clothes will start getting looser and you will have to go down in size. Even though it was hard to say goodbye to some of my cute outfits, going out shopping after the procedure is one of the best feelings. You will be able to shop at stores you weren’t able to before, and you won't stress as much about things fitting you right. 

Walking up stairs

For so many people, having extra weight means having trouble climbing up stairs. As you start to lose more on your weight loss surgery journey, you will get into better shape. This means walking up stairs will be so much easier for you than it was before. Get ready to be in the best shape of your life!

Better sleep

When you have extra weight, many people struggle to get good sleep. The extra weight can cause you to have trouble getting into a comfortable position. In addition, many overweight individuals must be on sleep apnea machines. As you lose more weight, you will notice you are more well-rested.  

More energy

Eating healthier and being at a healthier weight means you are more than likely going to have more energy. Even though at first you will have less energy, you do bounce back and have more energy than prior to surgery. This is a non-scale victory because you can do more like play with your kids, clean the house, and just be more active. 

Rings get looser

You might have to resize your rings a few times because, after weight loss surgery, your rings will start to get looser. I had to resize mine at least 3 times while I was losing as quick as I was. 

Clearer skin

As you begin to eat healthier, you will notice your skin might clear up some. As I lost more weight, I had fewer breakouts and my skin just looked healthier. I always got comments about how I was shining. It is a great feeling knowing that you look healthier and brighter. 

Crossing your legs

This is another exciting non-scale victory. Being able to sit comfortably is an issue many overweight individuals have. It is such a great feeling the first time you can cross your legs without anything hurting. 

Getting off medication

Healthwise, this is one of the best non-scale victories. Many bariatric patients were on several medications before surgery. I was on multiple medications for Pseudotumor Cerebri and after about 5 months, I was able to come off all of them. Knowing I didn’t have to take something daily for my weight-related issue took off so much stress.

These are just some of the many non-scale victories that come after having weight loss surgery. Remember that the scale isn’t everything and you should be proud of all these other accomplishments. 

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