Top 10 Bariatric Snacks post WLS

Here you are, on the Loser’s Bench. You made it through surgery, the liquid stage, the puree stage, and you’re now on the soft foods stage. Congratulations! So, what snacks can you eat? 

Applying the basic bariatric concept of Protein First, we’ve compiled this Top 10 bariatric snacks list which you are certain to love.

1.  Protein Popsicles: This one is very simple to make;

    • 1 banana (frozen)
    • ½ cup of Greek yogurt
    • ¼ cup of peanut butter powder
    • 1 cup of milk (you can substitute with almond milk or any other milk)
    • 2 scoops of your favorite protein powder

Mix well in blender, pour into popsicle molds, and freeze. You’ll feel really good about these popsicles!

2.  Protein Bars: Protein bars of any brand are suitable (just choose one with low sugar). Our fave brands are:

    • Quest
    • Think!
    • One
    • Power Crunch
    • Atkins
    • Bariwise

These bars are low in sugar and high in protein. A bariatric win-win. 

3.  Pre-made protein Shakes: You can’t go wrong with premade shakes. They’re so convenient, especially on the go. Just make sure you get the best protein to sugar ratio- that is: More protein and low sugar content. Here are our favorite brands:

    • Premier protein
    • Atkins
    • Muscle Milk
    • Core Power

4.  Protein Infused Water: These are a good option if you don’t enjoy protein shakes and would prefer a fruity clear drink instead. Here are some options:

    • Protein2O
    • Trimino
    • Gatorade Zero with Protein
5.  Greek Yogurt: At around 15 grams of protein per cup, Greek yogurt is an excellent bariatric snack. Here are our top faves:
    • Oikos Triple Zero
    • Powerful Yogurt
    • Ratio Protein Yogurt
6.  Eat Me Guilt Free protein goodies: The hype is real about this brand. They make cakes, brownies, blondies, and cookies. Their products come individually wrapped and are easy to take along. In addition, these goodies contain around 20 grams of protein per packet and are low carb and low calorie. Try them, they’re very popular with good reason. 
7.  Cheese Crisps:These are basically just baked cheese that turns crispy. You can make these in the microwave at home by using cheddar or parmesan cheese. Layer a plate with parchment paper, add cheese slices, and blast for 1.5 minutes (up to 2 minutes) for ultimate crisp texture. 

However, if you don’t want to go through the trouble of making them, fret not, they are available, and you guessed it, we’re sharing our favorite brands with you here:

    • Whisps
    • Parm Crisps
    • Mrs. Cubbison’s
    • Moon Cheese (although these are more like cheese puffs, but they are still delicious!

8.  Jerky: Whether you choose beef or ostrich jerky (yes that’s a thing), this is a portable and protein-packed snack. Obviously, you’d have to be past the soft foods stage to consume jerky, but for those with a salty tooth, it’s a favorite. Here are some brands we enjoy:

    • Tillamook
    • Stryve 
    • Country Archer
9.  Pork Skins, Rinds or Cracklings: You might be surprised to learn that pork skins are carb-free and crunchy goodness. They are Keto approved, and you can find them low sodium as well. Just 1 oz of pork rinds contains 17 grams of protein. We love Field Trip Pork Rinds brand, which is a good low-sodium alternative.
10.  Hummus: So versatile, humble hummus makes a protein-packed dip for veggies (or pork rinds- we don’t judge), but it’s also great on sandwiches and even makes a great side on your bariatric plate.

Please share this list with your bariatric family if you found it useful. You might also want to check out our other articles for even more bariatric food ideas. 

Come back soon for more bariatric content and great tips. 


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