The Top 5 Christmas Gifts for Bariatric Patients

When thinking of the perfect Christmas gift for the person on your list who’s undergone weight loss surgery, it’s important to remember they are beginning a new and improved healthy lifestyle. Meaning they need all the support they can get.

Without further ado, the top five Christmas gifts for bariatric patients:

1. Portion8 Complete Starter Kit - Developed by Dr. Tiffany Jessee, a bariatric surgeon, the Portion8 Complete Starter kit makes a perfect Christmas gift for bariatric patients. The starter kit is geared towards reinforcing portion control. The kit includes one Portion8 plate, three sizers, a spork and knife set, the Portion8 cookbook, one insulated tote, and an ice pack for eating on the go.

The Portion8 plate is divided into two sections and includes two lids. Each side holds four ounces and can be divided into one-ounce sections with the use of the sizers. The sides are also detachable to make for easy reheating, and they come in cute color options.

2. Jokari Healthy Steps Portion Control 3-Piece Serving Set - This serving set is perfect for keeping those portions in check without having to make a huge fuss out of it. These serving spoons are designed to be the correct portion size for a variety of foods. The Jokari Healthy Steps Portion Control serving set includes a slotted spoon for vegetables, a serving spoon for starches like rice or potatoes and a spatula designed for serving proteins in the recommended "size equal to a deck of cards" portion. The best part of this set is the discrete markings inside the serving areas for perfect measurements every time.

3. Surgical Compression Garments - This was crucial during my recovery. After weight loss surgery the body changes in more ways than we can count. A compression garment is a great Christmas gift for bariatric patients because it aids to keep the skin tight. These garments help promote healing by reducing the amount of fluid buildup, which leads to less swelling. Additionally, these garments can help reduce infection by keeping the surgical entry points covered and help minimize scarring. These come in different types of coverage ranging from the full body with long sleeves to t-shirts.

4. BariMelts Vitamin Bundles -  Vitamins are crucial after bariatric surgery, and finding the perfect vitamins isn’t as easy as some may think. The vitamins someone takes before surgery may not serve them after the procedure, and skipping them is not an option. Gifting a BariMelts vitamin pack ensures they always have vitamins on hand and you may just be shining a light on a tastier alternative to other chalky vitamins. BariMelts provides specific bundles for the different procedures as recommended by the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery. The bundle packs are equipped with enough vitamins to last for three months! Feel free to choose one of the bundles or mix and match your choice.

5. Gift cards - Gas, Gym, Clothes - When in doubt give a gift card. It's been said that gift cards are the lazy way out but I couldn’t disagree more. After surgery, there are regular doctors appointments, support group meetings, weigh-in appointments and more a gas gift card is a great way to alleviate the stress of constant travel. Another gift card option is definitely one for a major clothes retailer. It’s no secret every weight loss surgery patient experiences the bittersweet struggle of ill-fitting clothes. Although it’s a thrill to see the weight coming off, there is equal frustration daily with ill-fitting clothes. With a gift card to a clothing retailer, your recipient will be ecstatic to get some basic to their wardrobe. It’s the gift that keeps giving as they will be even more excited to buy a smaller size.


Christmas shopping can be exciting but it can also yield plenty of headaches. Especially when the recipients are experiencing life changes. The top 5 Christmas gifts for bariatric patients were chosen mindfully to support their new lives and reinforce healthy habits. But don't fret too much the best Christmas gift of all is to be together. 

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