Snack Ideas After Weight Loss Surgery

As bariatric patients, we are limited with how much we can eat in a day. This is why it is so important that we make the best choices possible. Snacking is one of the biggest culprits of regain, so it is critical to know the best foods to eat and the ones to avoid after weight loss surgery. We all have busy schedules and it can be easy to just stop by a fast-food restaurant for a quick snack. This is such a bad habit that you should avoid. Instead, always pack some snacks with you so you aren’t tempted. Here are a few of my top favorite snacks to eat after bariatric surgery.

  1. Cheese. Who doesn’t love cheese? This is a good choice for bariatric patients as it is low carb and has protein in it. Some of my favorite cheeses include Babybel and Laughing Cow because they can easily be thrown into your purse to take on the go. 
  2. Jerky. This is another great option for bariatric patients as it is high in protein. There are so many flavors out there that are low sugar. With this snack, make sure you keep track of the sodium as you don’t want to overdo it. 
  3. Hummus. This is a snack that I have really enjoyed and it is one you can even enjoy in the puree stage. I like to use carrots and other veggies to dip in the hummus. There are many different flavors to choose from and I love experimenting with different tastes. 
  4. Fruit. Bananas are one of my favorite things to keep on me. These especially help me when I am craving something sweet. I have such a hard time turning down sweets. Bananas and other fruits help me so much with avoiding cookies and other desserts. You must be careful with the amount of sugar, but this is a great alternative for people who really miss sweets. 
  5. Protein bars. These are probably the easiest snack to keep on you at all times. I make sure to always have a protein bar with me, especially when I am on the go. I absolutely love protein bars because there are so many different textures and flavors out there. If you haven’t tried Built Bars, I highly recommend them. They have helped me so much with hitting my protein goals.  

When you are planning out your snacks, remember to keep the portions appropriate. Stay away from carbs and pick foods that are high in protein. There are so many options out there for bariatric patients so do your research and find foods that will work for you. Remember to always follow the guidelines that your surgeon sets for you. There are some surgeons that do not want you to have any snacks so make sure you work with your nutritionist and bariatric surgeon if you aren’t sure how much you should be eating. Whatever you do, do NOT put high sugar foods back into your diet. Eat things that will help fuel your body and you will be on the right path towards a healthier you!

What are some of YOUR favorite snacks??

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