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Must Have Products After Weight Loss Surgery

Must Have Products After Weight Loss Surgery

Bariatric surgery is an exciting adventure full of many changes and new experiences. With so many changes, it can be hard to keep up. After weight loss surgery, there are certain items that make post-op life so much easier. So, here are a few of my favorite things that will help you as you begin your new bariatric surgery journey. 

  1. Water bottle. Investing in a good water bottle will go a long way for you. It is so important that you hit your water goals every day to make sure you don’t get dehydrated. Dehydration is a huge issue for bariatric patients and should be taken seriously. Investing in a good water bottle will keep you motivated to drink your water. You can find some really neat ones that have the timing suggestions on the side that help keep you on track throughout the day. 
  2. A good scale. You are on a weight loss journey so you need a good scale. Take the time to invest in a good one that is reliable. Some scales out there fluctuate way too much and it causes way too much stress. Finding a good one will help you stay on track and you won’t have to question whether or not it is accurate. There are even some out there that measure your body fat and water level as well. 
  3. Kitchen scale. After weight loss surgery, it is important that you weigh your food so you eat the correct amount. You don’t want to eat more than you are supposed to. It can take time to get used to using one, but by doing so you will hold yourself accountable and make sure you don’t overeat. 
  4. Portion control dinnerware. Now that bariatric surgery is becoming more popular, there are a lot more tools out there. Portion control dinnerware products are so neat because they can help make sure you are eating the correct amount of food. You can find plates and bowls and even utensils that are meant for bariatric patients. It is extremely helpful having these because they show you the exact amount of protein, vegetables, and grains you should be eating. 
  5. Vitamin container. As a bariatric patient, you will be taking a lot of vitamins. Making sure you aren’t getting deficient in vitamins is the top priority after weight loss surgery. You will more than likely be taking multiple vitamins and sometimes it can get a little chaotic. Finding a good container to keep your vitamins in will help you stay organized. 

There will be so many new and exciting things that happen to you after weight loss surgery and there is no need to add any additional stress. By investing in these 5 items, you will help alleviate any stress and be on the path towards success.

 What are YOUR must-have items after bariatric surgery?

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