Why Slider Foods Can Affect Your WLS Journey


If you have not already learned about slider foods after weight loss surgery, now is the time. Slider foods are simple processed carbohydrates with little or no nutritional value that slide right through the surgical stomach. The most common slider foods are crackers, potato chips, cookies, candy, and popcorn. These snacks are often full of salt and cause a dry mouth, which means they often are consumed with liquids even though it is advised not to eat and drink at the same time. These foods have no nutritional value which wastes the time you have in the day to get all the protein and nutrition you need for the day.

Slider foods can be extremely dangerous for weight loss surgery patients. Your digestive system is different after surgery and the way you absorb slider foods is different than someone who has not had the surgery. A lot of times people think they can eat just a little bit of slider foods and they will be fine. This is true in the beginning when you are still eating smaller amounts, but the farther out you get, the more you will be able to eat. The truth is that you often do not have restrictions with slider foods, which means you are able to eat more and consume too many calories. This oftentimes leads to plateaus in weight loss and even weight regain for some individuals. 

To be successful after weight loss surgery, patients must eat a diet rich in protein and low in simple carbohydrates. This will ensure that you are getting the best nutrition possible. Eating a lot of slider foods will give you a greater chance of deficiencies since you are not eating the recommended diet after bariatric surgery. As delicious as slider foods are, they are not worth the risk of regain after surgery. It is important that you learn new, healthy eating habits after the procedure. Making excuses for yourself will only cause damage to your life after surgery.

If you want to be successful on this journey, you must change the way you look at food. Before you pick up that bag of popcorn and eat the entire thing in one sitting, reflect, and remember why you had this surgery in the first place. Do not let food continue to rule your life. You will regret it down the road when you hit stalls and stop losing weight. Stay focused and put the slider foods away and you will be on the path towards success.