Bariatric Protein Shakes to Try After Weight Loss Surgery

After weight loss surgery, protein is one of the most important things you need to remember to get enough of. There are so many benefits from protein after weight loss surgery. It plays a role in wound healing after surgery and also helps form hormones, enzymes and immune system antibodies that help your body function effectively. It also helps your body burn fat instead of muscle and supports your metabolism so you lose weight faster. Lastly, it can help curb hunger between meals, which is extremely important to us as bariatric patients. 

It can be difficult sometimes to eat the 70-90 recommended grams per day. Due to this, it is advised that you add a daily protein shake after bariatric surgery. Not all protein shakes are created equally, though. When choosing what protein shake to consume, it is important to look at the nutritional information to make sure you are choosing a healthy shake. 

Whey protein powder in a scoop.

Making Bariatric Protein Shakes at Home

If you are making one at home, be careful with how much fruit or peanut butter you add in. You do not want to consume too much sugar or fat from the protein shake. It is best if you stick to no more than one tablespoon of peanut butter. Using PB2 is a good option instead of using peanut butter. You can also get creative with the flavor. Try adding spices like cinnamon, ginger, pumpkin pie spice, or nutmeg. You could also add extracts such as vanilla or coconut extract. There are also sugar free syrups out there that could be a good option to add some flavor to your shake. Get creative with it and change it up so you don’t get bored with the same flavor. 

Guidelines for Pre-Made Protein Shakes After Bariatric Surgery

If you are looking for a pre-made shake, here are a few guidelines to make sure you are checking. You will want to find a shake that has at least 20-30 grams of protein. You will also need to make sure it is no more than 300 calories and less than 15 grams of sugar. As you know, sugar is not our friend. That is the most important part of looking at the nutritional information of a shake. There are shakes out there that claim to be good for you, but they are not good options.

A variety of different bariatric protein shakes.

Protein shakes are extremely beneficial for bariatric patients. They help us reach our protein goals every day, which is very important in succeeding after having the procedure. Take the time to do your research on the best shakes out there or get creative in the kitchen to make your favorite shake. Make sure you hit your protein goal every day! 

What is YOUR favorite protein shake?   

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