Loud Stomach Noises After Weight Loss Surgery

I remember when I first started researching bariatric surgery, people would talk about the strange noises their body made after the procedure. I had no idea what they were talking about until after I had the surgery myself. Yes, this is actually a thing. Your body will be a lot louder after weight loss surgery. It is a very strange side effect that took time to adjust to after the surgery. So, what is this strange gurgling noise we are all talking about? 

I had gastric sleeve 7.5 years ago and converted to gastric bypass last year. I will say, I noticed it more with gastric sleeve. Since the space in your stomach is tighter, it is harder for food and liquid to pass through, which results in the gurgling noise. For a lot of people, acid can cause there to be more noises. I remember when I first had the procedure, I would get so embarrassed if I was in a quiet room because my stomach would make so many loud noises. It takes time for your body to adjust after surgery, so at the beginning it was a lot worse. Over time, your stomach is not as swollen so it doesn’t happen as severe, but it definitely still makes noises.

For me personally, my throat even makes noises after I eat or drink something. As I am writing this, I just ate some grapes and my throat is making the craziest noises. It is quite humorous because honestly there is not much you can do about it. You might think something is wrong when you start noticing your body making these strange sounds, but it is actually pretty common in the bariatric community. If you are experiencing any pain though, I would definitely talk to your surgeon about it.  

Antacids can really help calm the stomach and make things settle down. A lot of people suggest that it helps with the gurgling sounds. If you are experiencing it a lot, try taking some antacids and see if that helps. Some patients also believe that there are certain foods that are more likely to cause the noises. You will learn through time if this is the case for you. You might notice that there are specific foods you eat that always seem to stir things up. Again, this does not necessarily mean it is dangerous, but it might just be annoying to you. One thing I really learned after weight loss surgery is how connected we must be with our bodies after the surgery. It is so important that you are aware of things to look out for and you learn the new way your body responds. 

So, you are not crazy if you are noticing your body making strange noises. This is just part of your new anatomy and lifestyle after bariatric surgery. Always communicate with your surgeon anything that you notice after the surgery just to make sure you are staying healthy, but don’t panic if you start hearing your stomach singing to you after a meal. Just take note of it and do your best to recognize if there is a pattern with specific foods you are eating. Remember, this is just a little side effect from the surgery and everything will be okay.

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