Invest in These 4 Post-WLS Must-Haves

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Weight loss surgery is such an exciting journey. However, sometimes it can be overwhelming when there is so much information out there. It can be challenging to figure out what you should invest in. I’ve put together a list of must-haves after surgery to hopefully help ease you of anxiety. In my opinion, these are by far the most important things to have after bariatric surgery. 

1. Activity/calorie tracker

    Having some sort of tracker for your activity and calorie intake is so important. Surgeons will oftentimes ask what you eat in a day to make sure you are on track, so having an app or journal is extremely helpful. It also helps you stay accountable and allows you to adjust if you notice you are slacking in one of these. 

    2. A good blender

    During the liquid and puree stage, you are going to be blending a lot. It can be very frustrating when trying to get the right consistency. Having a good blender throughout your entire bariatric surgery journey makes things so much easier. 

    3. Meal prep containers

    I am so thankful I had these when I started out my WLS journey. You will need to measure your food and make sure you are eating the proper serving. In addition to doing this, you will need an appropriate container for your meals. This will help you when it’s time to eat something. If you properly measured the food and stored it in the right size container, you will be able to see the amount of food you should be eating. Meal prepping ahead of time will save you time too.

    4. Vitamins

    Vitamins! Vitamins! Vitamins! I am sure you have heard it from your surgeon and nutritionist but taking vitamins is one of the top things you need to make sure you are doing after weight loss surgery. They aren’t kidding when they say you can get deficient. Finding the right regimen of vitamins is critical. Luckily, BariMelts has all of the vitamins you need. They even have bundles dedicated specifically for the type of surgery you had.  Take the time to invest in good vitamins. It is so important to remember to take them to ensure you don’t get deficient.

    In my opinion, these items are the things you cannot lack after weight loss surgery. As a bariatric patient, it is your responsibility to stay on track and trust the process. These items will set you up for success and will take some of the pressure off your plate. 

    Do you have any must-have items to share? Leave us a comment down below.

    1 comment

    • Yolanda Gilliam

      Not at this time my surgery is October 7th. And I do have the calorie counter. I also have a blender but I’m not really for sure of the vitamins I guess I’ll be getting them when I go to the doctor next week. I’m still a little nervous about the gastric sleeve just because I’m not a really big vegetable either and then I have to do this liquid diet or pureed diet after surgery and I don’t really know what could it mean if there are. I have been following Kim H on YouTube. She is the best so I guess I’ll keep watching her finding out different things if you have any idea please thank you.

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