Importance of Drinking Water After Weight Loss Surgery

As a bariatric patient, there are many lifestyle changes that you will have to make after surgery. Health will be your main priority and you will spend a great deal of time ensuring you are following the guidelines from your surgeon. One of those guidelines will be that you must drink 64 ounces of water a day. At first, it will be very difficult for you to reach that goal as your stomach will be smaller and still healing. However, it is critical that you stay on top of this after weight loss surgery to ensure that you don’t get dehydrated. 

It can be challenging for some people to remember to drink their water. If you have spent most of your life unhealthy, you might not have the best routine with drinking water. Here are a few tips to help you meet your water goals for the day:

  • Always carry a water bottle with you. If you have it on you at all times, you have a higher chance of consuming more water throughout the day.
  • Use a good water bottle. There are some really cute water bottles out there that will help motivate you to drink more water. There are even some that have writing on them with how much water you should drink by a certain time. It is a really great way to keep yourself accountable. 
  • Set a timer on your phone. This is something that can help a lot of people out there that struggle to remember to drink water. We get so busy throughout the day that it can be easy to forget about drinking our 64 ounces. Setting a timer can really change the game for you and help you achieve your goal.
  • Add flavor to your water. Sometimes we just need something sweet! BariLyte is a great option for those of you that need a little extra taste in your water. It is amazing what it can do for your motivation to drink when it has a sweet taste. BariLyte is full of electrolytes, tastes amazing, and is sugar-free! 

Dehydration is something you need to take very seriously after surgery. Just like nutritional deficiencies, dehydration can be very dangerous. Some of the signs to look out for are feeling nauseous, feeling thirsty all the time, having a headache with a rapid heart rate, and having dark urine. Make sure you take note of these symptoms so you know what to look out for. Hold yourself accountable and remember that water is critical for your success as a bariatric patient. Drink! Drink! Drink!   

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