Do You Know the Different Names for Sugar?

Ahh sugar.  We love it, we hate it – and once you try it probably can’t live without it!

Going through Bariatric surgery means you now have to pay very special attention to the types of food you intake. And if you happen to have other health conditions going on then you must be even more cautious. One of the main ingredients you will need to look out for with your new weight loss diet is sugar.

In the United States, nutrition labels on packaged foods are required to list the total grams of sugar per serving, in addition to providing a list of all ingredients the product contains.

But the truth is, the efforts most food manufacturers in the US go through in order to hide added sugar from you is downright disturbing. Enter the secret, unwanted hidden sugars.

When it comes to ingredient lists, “sugar” isn’t the only name sugar goes by. There are at least a dozen different sources of sugar in food products that are represented by different words on food and beverage labels. 56 different names and counting to be exact!

Hidden sugars are ingredients in food and drink not necessarily labeled as ‘sugar‘ but technically are sugar or have the potential to turn into sugar once processed through the body. Hidden sugars also cause tooth decay and other health issues. Although some natural sugars are good for you, too much can reverse a lot of the hard work you did.  Avoid added sugar when possible – especially white sugar! Double check your vitamins and supplements and see if there are any sugar-free alternatives that will work for you.

Get your sugar cravings under control and lose weight while still enjoying the sweets you love with this helpful infographic from Women’s Health.

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