The Start of Your Fitness Journey After WLS


At BariMelts we want to help you become a champion. Not of the world. Not of the country. Not of your bingo club. But of yourself!

After going through weight loss surgery, it is easy to get overwhelmed with all the changes. When you first start your new routine of healthy food, Bariatric supplements and regular exercise, you may feel great! Or you may feel like it will take forever where you want to be.

Everyone's WLS journey is different. Some patients may see a difference in weight right away, and other it may take a few months to really feel confident about the way they look. Again, everyone is different!

Rule #1 after WLS is don’t compare yourself to others. Got it?

Be supportive of those courageous enough to put their fitness (and lack of it) on display for the Bariatric community to see. Don't be afraid to share your journey with others as well - you are probably inspiring them to make the same change!

Just keep in mind that lifelong fitness is a journey and we all have to start somewhere!

Below are a few easy routines you can use to kick off your fitness routine after weight loss surgery. You can start off with one of the three workout routines below that complements your level of fitness. Make sure to warm up/stretch 5-10 minutes before doing any of the routines below!

Baby Steps

5 rounds of the sequence, for time:

• Stand up from a seated position, 5 repetitions
• 15 arm raises, from a standing position
• Walk 45 steps

*If chair-bound perform 10 leg lifts in place of standing, 10 legs lifts in place of walking

On My Way

5 rounds of the sequence, for time:

• 10 assisted squats

• 10 angled pushups

• Walk briskly/jog/run 100 yards 

Hard Charger

5 rounds of the sequence, each for time:

• 20 squats

• 20 pushupsRun/jog/walk briskly

• 200 yards

*(Rest 1 minute between rounds) 

6 Easy Workouts To Help Your WLS Journey!

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