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Why BariMelts?


  • Delectably dissolvable

  • WLS friendly: nothing clunky or solid to upset your stomach

  • 100% natural sweeteners and flavors – we keep it real

  • Did we already mention DELICIOUS? Flavors approved by WLS patients!


Other Bariatric Vitamins

  • Large, dry, hard pills—about as pleasant as swallowing a large piece of gum

  • Feeling sick or nauseous in order to get your nutrients? Sounds like a bad trade-off.

  • Icky additives and harmful chemicals

  • Sandpaper should never be a flavor, but some bariatric vitamin companies don’t agree

We Get It!

We know WLS can be one of the toughest & hardest journeys you'll take in your life. We believe your bariatric vitamins should work as hard as you do!

Our Vitamins are: 

Easy on the stomach

Easy on the stomach

Great tasting

Great tasting

Perfecty dosed

Perfectly Dosed

What's Inside?

Your Weight Loss Journey, reinvented. What's Inside

Naturally Delicious

Who knew you would look forward to taking vitamins? We did! Only real flavors, and only delicious!

We Care

Your journey is our journey: We are more than just a vitamin company. We are here to support your new lifestyle, and while it starts with our vitamins, it doesn't end there. 

A Bottle of Bariatric Multivitamin with Iron

Naturally Sweet

We use monk fruit, a tried-and-true natural sweetener. Other brands use artificial and harmful chemicals like sucralose, but not us!

Unique, like you

Our tablets are adapted to you - they melt in your mouth, making nutrition stress-free, hassle-free without affecting your stomach.


1. Why sign up for "BariMelts Premium Membership?

We created this program based on feedback from our customers. Our goal was to create a program for our customers who have at least one vitamin on "Subscribe & Save." When you place your vitamins on our monthly program, you will ALWAYS receive 15% Savings AND FREE SHIPPING! PLUS, we're going to give you access to our eBook library, and give you access to Facebook Lives where you can connect with our experts.

2. How do I join BPM?

It's REALLY SIMPLE. Just CLICK HERE and pick out your vitamin, and when you get to the order page check off "Subscribe & Save" and you will automatically be a BariMelts Premium Member.

3. How do I manage my "Subscribe & Save" orders?

Head over to our webpage and log in. Once you're logged in, you go to your account info and you can manage your orders right there.

4. What's your cancellation policy?

As we said, we wanted to make this super easy for you! You can cancel at any time, just make sure to do so before the next billing date. Keep in mind you need to have at least one product on "Subscribe & Save" to be eligible for your monthly gift. For more information check out our Subscription Policy

5. What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept all forms of credit card payment.

6. Will my financial information be kept secure?

Yes, we've got to great lengths to ensure your payment information is safe and secure. We use a special technology widely know as SSL that is an extra layer to keep it safe from unauthorized people from intercepting your payment information.

7. What are the shipping costs?

As long as you're a member, they're FREE!

8. Where are your products manufactured?

In Miami, Florida

9. What's BPM stand for?

BariMelts Premium Member!

10. How do I contact customer service?

hello@barimelts.comSimply email us at or call us 305-477-1325