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BariMelts makes taking your vitamins the easiest part of your WLS journey. 

Our fast-dissolving tablets melt in your mouth causing no discomfort or any chalky aftertaste.

Supports Strong 

Healthy Hair

Fast Dissolving, 

Great Tasting!

Formulated for 

your WLS needs

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The Keeping Your Hair Healthy and Strong After WLS eBook you'll find 30 pages of nutritional tips, hair superfoods, habits, recipes, workouts, and tracking sheets to get started on your hair journey.

Our 28 Tips to Avoid Hair Loss After WLS features 28 minor changes you can incorporate into your daily lifestyle to help decrease the amount of hair loss after WLS.


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Is my hair going to fall out?

Every bariatric patient experience different side effects after surgery. One of the side effects can be hair loss.

How will Biotin help me from losing my hair?

BariMelts Biotin helps promote healthy and strong hair.

How's BariMelt's Biotin different from other supplements out there?

BariMelts makes taking your daily vitamins less of a pain with fast-dissolving tablets.

Unlike pills and chewables, you can sit back and let the tablet dissolve without any extra work.

How long before surgery do I need to start taking Biotin?

We recommend taking Biotin prior to your surgery date, and continue taking biotin post-op, for best results. It is best to speak with your doctor to know what is best for you.

What are other benefits of taking Biotin?

Not only does biotin help promote strong and healthy hair, it also helps support skin health and normal cell growth.

Why do I need special vitamins after bariatric surgery?

After bariatric surgery, the stomach does not fully digest nutrients the same way that is used to. BariMelts helps provide the missing nutrients that are not as readily available for bariatric patients.

What other products should I take?

Multivitamin, Calcium, B12 Plus and Iron are some of the most common vitamins patients take after surgery. However, it is recommended to consult your doctor before to know which vitamins you need based on deficiency levels.