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Great-Tasting Bariatric Vitamins

You’ll Want To Reach For Every Day of Your WLS Journey

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Why BariMelts?

Why Barimelts?


  • Delectably dissolvable

  • WLS friendly: nothing clunky or solid to upset your stomach

  • 100% natural sweeteners and flavors – we keep it real

  • Did we already mention DELICIOUS? Flavors approved by WLS patients!


Other Bariatric Vitamins

  • Large, dry, hard pills—about as pleasant as swallowing a large piece of gum

  • Feeling sick or nauseous in order to get your nutrients? Sounds like a bad trade-off.

  • Icky additives and harmful chemicals

  • Sandpaper should never be a flavor, but some bariatric vitamin companies don’t agree