Common Questions

"What are the advantages of taking a tablet that melts in the mouth?"

We will let patients speak for themselves - here are the main areas they have mentioned.

  • Ease - there is no water, no big pills, and little or no chewing required
  • Effectiveness – the nutrients are made readily available for absorption in your mouth and before getting to your pouch – so there is more opportunity for absorption to occur. Plus, great taste means that people comply with their regimen more easily – compliance is often cited as the major reason supplements are not effective.
  • Experience - like Estella, people love the smooth-dissolving texture and say that it takes up less room in their pouch. Perhaps because they dissolve so easily and don’t require extensive chewing and mixing with saliva.

  • “BariMelts are fantastic – they melt in my mouth, take no room in my pouch, and are fun to take.” - Estella in CO

"How good is the absorption?"

    BariMelts® are maximized for absorption because the tablets are fully dissolved before going into your pouch. Other products may claim that their absorption is better for one reason or another. We can’t refute this, but often the data is not comprehensive enough to support this. At BariMelts® we avoided complex technologies and big fancy words that claim superior absorption. Instead, we put in the hard work to make a better product – one that makes the nutrients available for absorption right away – in the mouth!

    "Should I drink any fluids before, during or after taking BariMelts® tablets?"
    Like Kendra below, you will find that BariMelts® will dissolve in your mouth with your own saliva and should not require any water. It’s all up to you! 
If you plan on taking different products in succession then from a taste perspective you may prefer to rinse your mouth with some water.
    “BariMelts® are great – I love how they melt in my mouth and don’t require any water like some of the others. I take them on my way to work in the car!” - Kendra in Colorado Springs

    "Can I break these pills, grind or swallow them complete?"
    It’s all up to you!
BariMelts® formulas were carefully prepared to make the nutrients available for absorption immediately and in the mouth.
However, the tablets can be broken, ground or even dissolved in fluids if you desire.

    "Do I need to take these pills on a full or empty stomach?"
    BariMelts® are designed independent of gastric motility (the churning motion of the stomach), so they can be taken on a full or empty stomach. However, it should be noted that in certain instances, some vitamins and nutrients can be better absorbed when taken on a full stomach or immediately after a meal – consult with your healthcare practitioner to determine any recommendations specific to you.

    "Does the absorption occur in the mouth, stomach or other parts of the gastrointestinal tract?"
    In general, the majority of absorption of nutrients takes place in the small intestine.
 However, some nutrients demonstrate pre-gastric absorption. In this case there is an advantage to products that are made readily absorbable earlier in the digestion process. In the case of BariMelts®, nutrients are made available for absorbable as soon as they dissolve, in the mouth.

    "Can I dissolve these pills in any drink or food?"
    Yes, you can break the BariMelts® tablets apart, dissolve in any fluids or sprinkle over food.

    "Will the sugar content of these pills alter my glucose levels?"
    With the exception of Calcium, BariMelts® are sugar-free.
 BariMelts® should not have any significant impact on your glucose levels, but be sure to consult with your healthcare practitioner if this is of concern to you.
 Our Calcium product contains a small amount of sugar (<1g per tablet). The other products are sugar-free.

    "Will the sweetener(s) used in BariMelts® damage my teeth?"
    Our Calcium product contains a small amount of sugar (<1g per tablet). The other products are sugar-free.
    "Do I need to brush my teeth after taking this pill?"
    See above – only our Calcium contains sugar (<1g per tablet).

    "Do BariMelts® have the same dose of regular pills?"
    BariMelts® contain similar amounts of active ingredients as standard solid-dose tablets. These amounts may be higher or lower depending on the product and ingredient. BariMelts were designed by PhD Pharmacists with over 40 years of combined formulating experience and with ASMBS guidelines in mind.

    Please read the Supplement Fact Panel on each product to ensure you are getting your daily nutritional value. Depending on how you feel and the results of your blood tests, you may benefit from raising or lowering your intake. Please consult with your healthcare practitioner if you are considering doing so.

    "Are BariMelts® rapid dissolving tablets more effective that other tablets?"
    At BariMelts we believe that “effectiveness” ultimately comes down to 3 factors – Efficacy, Absorption, and Compliance. We designed BariMelts to be optimized around each of these.

    1. Efficacy - In reality, there are few differences between the active ingredients of one brand to the next. Often there is complicated language or messages designed to lead consumers to think that one brand has better ingredients than another. With very few exceptions most brands are using ingredients that are chemically the same. We chose our ingredients based on ASMBS guidelines and the scientific expertise of our in-house Pharmacists. Since we make BariMelts® at our own facilities, we control the process from start to finish, including the choice and inspection of every ingredient used.
    2. Absorption – how well an ingredient is actually absorbed will impact how effective it is. Nutrients are absorbed in different parts of the gastrointestinal tract. We don’t make any claims about where or how well our nutrients are absorbed, only that due to their dissolve-in-the-mouth characteristics they are available for absorption earlier in the digestive process than most products - BariMelts® are maximized for absorption because of this factor.
    3. Compliance – one of the biggest reasons supplements are not “effective” is because they aren’t taken for a long-enough period. Taste and an unpleasant experience are common reasons this happens. Swallowing big pills, chewing chalky and bad-tasting tablets all keep patients from keeping up with their regimen.

    At BariMelts®, we are on a mission to make your vitamins taste great (and be affordable) so that you CAN comply with your regimen.
 Each of these factors contribute to an product’s “effectiveness” in one way or another - we designed BariMelts® to be optimized around each of them and to support you as much as possible in your new lifestyle.

    "I am currently on different medications for my ___________ condition. Will BariMelts® interfere with their activity or will I experience any adverse reactions?"

    BariMelts® are safe and are unlikely to produce any adverse reactions, but we would suggest consulting your physician if you have questions regarding the use of BariMelts® with your medications.