BariMelts Influencer Guide

BariMelts influencers are amazing, mindful, inspiring individuals who use their knowledge, expertise and influential power to uplift those around them. Influencers help promote our brand and we help promote them on our fast-growing network and across all our social channels!

About the program

The BariMelts influencer program was designed to spread awareness about the BariMelts brand through real Bariatric patients who inspire others with their WLS journey. As an influencer for BariMelts, you will encounter many amazing opportunities! Our goal is to build a relationship with you personally as well as create brand association.

Being knowledgeable of our brand is important; some key information about our program is as follows:

  • We provide all influencers with a monthly $30 store credit to BariMelts
  • We will provide you with an exclusive promo code just for your following
  • The opportunity to be featured in BariMelts social media, blogs and in our email blasts
  • Access to insider news through our Facebook group and influencer newsletter
  • Access to our private influencer Pinterest board
  • Paid content opportunities
  • Occasional gifts and other surprises to show our appreciation for you


As we build a personal relationship with you, we would like you to do the same with your followers rather than just advertise our products. We want to hear about your journey and get your real experience with our products. This more personal touch is achieved through your natural voice and genuine opinion. Being a BariMelts Influencer will also add variety to your social media accounts. You will be able to engage your followers through giveaways, promotions, and challenges! We hope you will join the BariMelts team and help expand our brand with your energy and passion!

  • Must be extremely active on social media and create beautiful engaging content
  • Must publish 1 tagged post a month
  • Must publish 1 giveaway post a month
  • You will be responsible for 2 Instagram or 1 Youtube posts per month while tagging BariMelts.

Important tips

  • It is important to take good quality photos and post on your Instagram/Youtube while tagging us. If we use your content, we will make sure to tag and cite the source so you get extra exposure.
  • Make sure you use our hashtags #BariMelts #WeAreBariMelts so we can see your posts!
  • Your YouTube or Instagram post may also be used on the Bariatric Buzz blog and the BariMelts shop website.
  • We reserve the right to post only good quality and fun photos/videos only. Please make sure you publish really great content!
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