3 Tips to Prevent Regain after Weight Loss Surgery


Regain. It is a word that bariatric patients never want to hear. A lot of times we are so excited about the weight loss surgery and the journey of dropping weight that we don’t think about the possibility of regain down the road. It is a sad truth and one that you need to be prepared to tackle if it ever happens to you. There are things you can do to help prevent regain of the weight you have lost. Here are some tips if you are worried about regaining after bariatric surgery:

Find your community. This is everything! I cannot stress enough how important it is to have a group of people with similar health goals. Everything changed for me when I found my bariatric community. Find your people and lift each other up!

Start working out. Make this a habit that you start from the beginning so it becomes part of your new life. If you are regaining and currently don’t work out, start small and work your way up to new exercises. This will help get you back on track! Sometimes it just takes changing it up to get you back to losing and working out can be that tool for you.

Reflect. If you are regaining, chances are you are letting something back into your diet that you shouldn’t be. Reflect on what that could be and make the change you need to make. It won’t be easy, but if you care about getting back on track, you will do it.

Remember your goal. Your ultimate goal. You are strong. You are a fighter. Regain does not mean it is over. It’s just a hiccup on the journey. Acknowledge the hiccup and get back on track. YOU GOT THIS!