When You Don’t Feel Like Yourself On A WLS Journey

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When you are on a weight loss surgery journey, you might not feel like yourself some days. You are losing weight extremely fast and it is hard to keep up sometimes. I remember there were times that I looked in the mirror and didn’t feel like myself. It caused me a lot of anxiety and I struggled with accepting the new me. Most people think that because you are losing weight and getting healthier, you will feel better all the time. However, that just isn’t always the case and you might sometimes struggle with accepting yourself. 

After weight loss surgery, you have to completely change. This can be hard to accept at first, especially if you have been doing the behaviors for a long time. Learning to accept your new normal takes time, so you must be patient with yourself. You might look in the mirror and not see the same person you were before. That is okay. It is okay to feel scared at first. Weight loss surgery is one of the biggest changes in your life. It might be hard for you to interact with the same group of friends that you had before surgery. It might also be hard for you to communicate how you feel to your loved ones. It can be a very confusing place the first year after surgery. 

It is important to remember that you will get through this. It took me time to feel like me again. I sometimes still struggle with it, especially as I have experienced regain after surgery. There are going to be tough days, but you will get through them. Focus on yourself and use this time to really learn who you are as a person. Take the weight out of the picture and focus on YOU. Who you are will always be the same, no matter what size you are. Once you find your true self, you will be in a better place to focus on getting healthy. Trust the process and remember that this is a journey. It’s okay not to feel okay sometimes. You are not alone in this.

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  • Tom Boltz

    I know what your are experiencing, I had surgery over 10 years ago and went from 300 to my current weight of 168. I still sometimes feels like the fat person I used to be. Hang in there, the journey is the important part.

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