What To Do If People Do Not Support Your Surgery

For many weight loss surgery patients, one of the most challenging aspects about the process is telling your loved ones your plans for having surgery. There are times when our loved ones are concerned and may not approve of our desire to have surgery. It is important that you are prepared for this, even if you think everyone will be supportive. If you have a family or friend that does not support your surgery, here are a few things you can do. 

  1. Tell them why you chose surgery. Make sure they understand that this is not some impulsive decision. Explain to them why you are choosing surgery. Perhaps you need to explain how you have not been successful with any other method. Share with them your emotions and be vulnerable with them. Let them understand the challenges you have faced and why bariatric surgery is the best decision for you. 
  2. Show your research. One of the most important things to do before deciding to have surgery is to do research on the procedures. You should be knowledgeable about all of the procedures so you can make the best decision for your situation. By showing your loved ones the research you have done, you are showing them that you have taken the time to truly make the best decision for your health. This is also a good opportunity to give them peace of mind with your decision. They might not know the statistics behind the surgeries. This is an important part about getting their support. They more than likely will change their mind once they see the statistics and overall safety of the surgery. 
  3. Explain what you need from them. It is critical that you express yourself to your loved ones. You need cheerleaders by your side on this journey. It is not easy to do without a support system. They might not support the surgery at first, but after spending time talking to them and sharing why you are choosing surgery, hopefully they will be in a better place to accept it. Explain to them how important it is to have them by your side. 

It can be difficult when your family and friends do not support your decision to have weight loss surgery. It is a huge decision and you must be confident with your plans. Do not let their reaction affect your decision. Stay firm on what you know is best for you, and give them time to come around. They love you and care for you, so do not ever forget that. They just might need a little time to accept it. You are taking control of your life and you should be proud of yourself for taking that step. Just be patient and remember that everyone handles things differently. They are more than likely resisting because they are worried about you, but if you take the steps to make them feel more comfortable, you will be a lot more likely to have their support. 

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