Weight Loss Bucket List

As a bariatric patient, it is important to notice the positive changes that come with weight loss surgery. We experience non-scale victories that are so fun to celebrate. There are more things we can do the further out we get on this journey and it is an exciting feeling. We can do new things that we weren’t able to do prior to weight loss surgery. One thing that has changed for me now that I have had bariatric surgery is my bucket list. We all have bucket lists with the things we want to be able to do before we die. Now that I have had the procedure, my bucket list has changed. Here are a few of my bucket list items:

Ride a Rollercoaster

I was always terrified to ride a rollercoaster because I couldn’t fit into the seat. I was scared that I would fall out while on the ride due to the seat not being closed because I was too big. I also was terrified that I would be embarrassed if I got to the top of a ride and found out that I was too big. Now that I have lost so much weight, I am more confident that I can fit into a seat and ride a rollercoaster. I went on my first one last year and it was amazing!

Wear a bikini 

This is a bucket item for me because I have always wanted to have the confidence to rock a bikini. Now that I have had surgery, my confidence has increased. Even though I won’t look perfect in a bikini, it will be an incredible feeling. All my battle wounds will be visible, but I don’t mind that at all. I want to have the confidence to wear a bikini and enjoy summertime. 


I have always wanted to skydive. It sounds so terrifying, but I know I would enjoy it. I have never been light enough to do it until recently. Now that I am at a healthier weight, I will be able to do this one day. It is definitely on my bucket list!


I have traveled some, but I want to travel more. It was always challenging for me to travel for multiple reasons. I wasn’t able to fit into the airplane seat with my seatbelt on. I also couldn’t walk far because I would get too out of breath. I want to be able to travel the world with confidence.

Get carried  

Yes, getting carried makes it to my bucket list. I have always been heavier than the person I am with, and there is no way they would have been able to carry me. This would be an amazing feeling having someone carry me on their back in a playful way. It might sound silly, but it is something that is really important to me. 

So, there are my 5 bucket list items after weight loss surgery. What are YOUR bucket list items??

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