Therapy Before Weight Loss Surgery

You have probably heard how important your mental health is after weight loss surgery. It is true that it is probably the most important thing on this journey. Your life is going to change tremendously, which means you need to be prepared mentally and emotionally. One of the best things you can do to prepare for life after surgery is to get your head ready for your new lifestyle. 

A great way to get ready for weight loss surgery is to begin therapy before you have the procedure. You will have to have a psychological evaluation done during the pre-op stage, so it is a good time for you to begin thinking about the psychological aspect of the surgery. Beginning therapy prior to surgery will set a good routine for you and make it easier for you to stick to it after surgery. Creating new habits such as going to therapy will be essential for your success. 

Starting therapy before surgery is also great because there are so many things you need to think through. What will you do now that you don’t have food to use as a coping mechanism? How will you ensure you won’t turn to another addiction? How do you ask for support from your family and friends? There are so many things to think through and a therapist can really help you sort through all of your feelings and emotions. Another thing to remember is that the pre-op stage is quite stressful with all of the appointments you have to complete, so going to a therapist during this time can help with your stress level. It will also be helpful to discuss your fears as well as the things you are most excited for. 

The great news is that in today’s world, there are different types of therapy, both in-person and online. So, if you have a busy schedule, teletherapy might be a good option for you. Remember that this journey is just as much an emotional journey as it is a physical one. Your mind must be healthy with your body, so take the time to nourish it. 

Therapy has been shown to help so many people through both the successes and struggles of weight loss surgery. Finding someone you can confide in will help you tremendously on your journey. You can search for someone who has experience with bariatric patients and sometimes you can even find someone who has had the procedure themselves. By going to therapy, you will be in a better mental state to achieve your goals and be as successful as possible after weight loss surgery. 

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