The Wonders of Cinnamon

Cinnamon has long been known for its uses in the kitchen and is amongst those spices that come in very handy when cooking or baking.  It possesses the ability to stimulate the senses and spark our imagination of mouth-watering treats.  Popular for its aroma and the sweet and warm taste, this ‘superfood’ works in different ways to ensure we feel and look our best.  It is also known to cause a feeling of alertness and wakefulness, especially when added to that early morning oatmeal or even a cup of coffee or tea.

I must admit… cinnamon has earned the right to be placed amongst those go-to spices that should never be missing from the kitchen cupboard and pantry.  This perfect spice is indeed popular for its aroma and the sweet and warm taste it adds to so many tasty treats…

Here are some health-related reasons cinnamon should be added to your list of ‘must have’ spices.

Weight loss

Cinnamon aids in burning excess fat and can be helpful in reducing that stubborn belly fat.  This problem area contains mostly visceral fat, which is a target for cinnamon.  Since it slows the movement of food through the stomach, it helps to give a feeling of fullness longer and can be helpful when trying to lose weight.

Regulated Blood Sugar

Studies have shown that cinnamon helps to lower HbA1c levels in Diabetics. It increases glucose metabolism and so helps the body to regulate its blood sugar.  Because it slows the emptying of the stomach, it can reduce the sharp spikes in blood sugar.  It, therefore, helps to increase insulin sensitivity and allows more glucose to be cleared from the blood.  It has also proven to be useful in reducing the blood pressure in persons with Diabetes.

Contains antioxidants

A source of 2 powerful antioxidants known as polyphenols and bioflavonoids, cinnamon provides added health benefits.  These antioxidants help to protect the body cells from the damaging effects of free radicals, that also lead to aging.

Anti-inflammatory properties

Through enhancing our body’s defense, cinnamon helps us to fight infection and viruses and contains anti-inflammatory benefits such as reducing swelling.  It disrupts pro-inflammatory signaling, even in low amounts.  Because it can increase insulin sensitivity, it further helps to reduce inflammation.

Improvement in Dental Health

Have you ever noticed that some popular brands of toothpaste now contain cinnamon?  Cinnamon has proven to be very useful in killing bacteria in the mouth and once again provides mild pain relief by reducing inflammation.  It is a good way to help with oral health because it does promote healthy gums and teeth.  It fights bacteria that lead to dental cavities and plaque formation.

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